NMHS Workforce Coaching and Mentoring Strategy


The health sector is a dynamic and unpredictable workplace that requires a range of strategies to support its’ workforce. One strategy that can be of assistance is coaching, which supports the transfer of learning in the workplace.

The NMHS Workforce Coaching Strategy is part of the broader NMHS Mentoring and Coaching Strategy being progressively implemented in 2012.

Coaching typically occurs within the workplace and during everyday activities. It focuses on the coachee being provided with advice, guidance and the opportunity to reflect on what is learned by experience to develop their capabilities.

Program Outcomes

The Coaching Strategy will show managers and staff how to:

  • Observe behaviour and identify opportunities for performance and development
  • Ask questions to stimulate discussion
  • Prepare for on-the-job coaching
  • Explain and demonstrate the skills to be coached
  • Provide feedback in a constructive and supportive manner
  • Monitor progress of the person being coached
  • Follow-up the achievement of the coaching goals

The NMHS Workforce Coaching Strategy will utilise a 5 stage model. Individuals will be able to progress through each stage, exiting at any point. Successful completion of all stages (and assessment tasks) will result in the achievement of a nationally recognised unit of competence. This will be referred to as the achievement of “NMHS Qualified Coach” status. 

Additional information on the NMHS Workforce Coaching Strategy is available in the NMHS Workforce Coaching Strategy brochure.


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